The Project in Short

Our Mission

DetektivKollektiv (or DetectiveCollective in English) is a community-driven platform where voluntary fact-checkers come together to assess the credibility of content online. With the help of DetektivKollektiv, users have the possibility to quickly and anonymously receive a credibility assessment for a piece of content – without prior registration or costs. The content is checked by an independent community of volunteers – our Detectives – that any interested citizen can join. The Detective’s evaluation about the credibility of a piece of content is channeled back to the user who submitted it in the form of a credibility score. 

DetektivKollektiv is built around three themes:

Counting on the Community!
DetektivKollektiv builds on the collective interest to access reliable news content, a multistage verification process to identify misinformation and various peer reviews by the community.

Making Fact-Checking Fun!
Our Detectives can earn points for research, which allows them to rise up different ranks and get access to new functionalities. Start as a Magnifier Holder and rise all the way up to Detective Superintendant!

Shining Light on Misinformation!
DetektivKollektiv shares all assessed misinformation data, thus providing insights into potential misinformation and viral content that circulate in the “black box” of end-to-end encrypted messenger apps like WhatsApp.

Our History

DetektivKollektiv came to being in the context of the German #WirVsVirus Hackathon that took place in March 2020. Since then, we have grown to about 10 team members who develop the platform in a virtual team in their free time from Germany, Sweden, Ireland and Benin.

The below video was developed during the #EUvsVirus hackathon in April 2020:

Our Milestones

March 2020Development of the concept and building of the team during the German #WirVsVirus Hackathon
March-July 2020Technical development of the platform
Expansion of the team consisting of volunteers from all over Germany
April 2020Participation in the EUvsVirus Hackathon of the European Commission
August 2020Closed Beta Test Phase of the Platform
Foundation of a non-profit organisation